we start school .. with a big smile:-)

cover_optDear friends our e-twinning project “Travelling with our e-story” is still keeping travelling us! It is among the finalist of the Global Junior Challenge 09.. It would be great if we could be all of us in Rome! during the final ceramony.. I ;ll be there.. if you want please contact me to make arrangements..

My Best wishes for another year full of creativity and quality in our projects

We prepare our school fair

Here is a rehearsal of our « Harvests Dance »:
We enter the field by pushing away the high plants; we cut them; we make it bunch and we throw them in the cart; we beat bunch to extract the grain from it; we dig furrows and we sow new seeds then… we have fun festival!

AND we make our ECO COSTUMES:

eco summer fest ..

This year we chose to present an eco story …of course:-)) to our parents as a conclusion of our school year and our project..
‘The dirty-village’
Where trees are sick! Houses are dirty …and people ignore all are happening around because the major convinced them to put on Black glasses!! So that they consider all are ok.. But children can’t play or make their homework with black glasses, so they decide to ACT.. with the support of 2 Firemen in one night they manage to make their village clear and alive again… and the major offers them the key of the village, to the firemen as well the medal of ‘thought and action’ to the kids…

How we worked to make figures for the film

At first we decided what the film would be about. We liked the problem – the idea about the Ant who went in the forest and got stuck in a plastic bottle ( earlier we talked about the dangers we created for small creatures by throwing empty plastic bottles in the nature). Then we learnt about nature, especially about ants, what they look like, what they eat, how small they are, how big their families are, what they do for a living. We found an ants nest near our kindergaten. The children were looking through magnifying glasses and saw a small ant 8 times closer. It was very interesting. In the third stage children made the bodies of ants and then they made the ants nest. They were working together like ants –  each child took one small piece of branch and put it on special surface.